How To Rock Your Islamic Traditional Wedding!-Photos

How to rock your Islamic traditional wedding

I might not be well versed with the Islamic traditions and norms but one thing is for sure, decency is key. The veil is almost there will be a cross fire on this one, whether to be stylish or adhere to religious and tradition values. Which we must accept can be tad tricky to play about with. But who says you can’t slay at both of them? Here we bring you some icons who have managed to pull off the Islamic virtues and tradition look and still dropped jaws! They proved to the notion that you can actually strike the balance between the two and still be smashing! They blew us away! See for yourself

Photo credit: Watson photography

Watson photogrphy

Watson Photograpy

Watson photography


Photo credit: Katende Mohammad

Katende Mohammad

Katende Mohammad

Katende Mohammad

Katende Mohammad

Dresses by: Kushona fashion desighners

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Asaba James and Twinomujuni Deborah via mikolo