Must See: Jonathan and Phiona’s Sparkling Wedding Decor That Wowed Guests

We seldom encounter couples on their wedding day who keep the smile glowing from beginning to the end of their d days. But Jonathan and Phiona undebatably stood out. But apart from the rosy couple let’s talk about décor! They were at it again! Who? Rossy roots! I am tempted to use the word ‘slay’ but does it make sense in décor? I ask my colleague Robert, it does but it’s not justice enough to this kind of deco, he replied. And his reply made gallons of sense. This deco by Rossy-Roots-Events was out of this world! (In a hyped teenager’s accent) .The maestros at Rossy-Roots-Events are surely good at what they do. On this particular day, they turned a plain simple garden into a paradise if sorts.

For the fact that the gardens were tree studded, many would fright of how to make this place dazzle. But to the gurus at Rossy-Roots-Events it was child play. They worked their magic and by the end of it all, it looked like the tress were part of the whole décor ensemble. The bride and grooms fortress was laid to the nines! It looked like it was going to hoist something heavenly like some celestial beings, the snow white chairs, flowers and chandelier were all sparkling!

The guest tents were totally on point! As a normal urban dweller would say, the rose red flowers, gold and perch color cloth used made the whole ensemble look royal, reading the look on the guest faces they looked thunderstruck! The whole place looked ecstatic, contemporary and classic! Hats off for rosy roots. With work this perfect you are all going to heaven *giggles* well we don’t want to spoil this for you see for yourselves;

The natural red rose centerpieces

The royal ensemble

Inside the guest tent

Side view of the guest tent

Outside the guest tent

The bride and groom forthress

The heavenly setup

The tress that perfectly merged into the deco




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