I Have Never Lied To My Wife- Cbs’s And Comedian Patriko Mujuuka

On 12th December 2014, CBS presenter Patriko Mujuuka walked down the aisle with his long term sweetheart Lydia Nalubega, popularly known as Mama Majo. The two exchanged vows at Rubaga Cathedral in presence of his Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala. The best man was fellow Afri Talent Actor Wycliff Luyombya. Mikolo caught up with Patriko Mujuuka to share his past and tips on the marriage trends.

It is now close to 3 years since you took your vows, how long did it take you to finally say “ I do”?
It took us almost 12 years. We met way back when I was still at the University. We became friends and as time went by, we decided to live together. However, just five years into our relationship we had children and we decided to introduce.

I can’t say it took me a long time to finally say I do. We only decided to go to church to receive blessings. I had said I do when we agreed to live together as man and wife. 

From that, it looks like the Lydia played a big part in building the Patriko we know today
Yes, we have walked this journey together. She didn’t know I would turn into a famous person. But she knew I was a fun person. I would make her laugh whenever we were together. So it was that lovely for us. I had Lydia before even joining Afri Talent. In fact, she actually pushed me to Join Comedy because she had realised a big talent in me. After University I didn’t see myself going to offices to look for jobs. I decided to give it a try and here I am.

Being a comedian was a not surprise to her?
Haha.. Never. She knew it from day one

Let’s talk about marriage and comedy. When home, does she take you for serious after the jokes on stage?
Man.. I am totally different when I am home. I am a real father. I don’t mix my work with my marriage. Yes, I try as much to be funny and creative even at home but I know where to stop. On stage, I can do or say all sorts of things but clearly, that is my job and it is where I earn a living. It doesn’t mean when I am home I am the same person.
I actually carry my children and Lydia to the theatre most of the time. I want to watch me act and when I am they can see a different man. I am a loving father. You should know that.

Your stage acts at times go a little extra, how do your children take this on?
Like I said, the reason why bring my family to the theatre, I want them to see difference between work and real man when home. Yes I have forced to act in more compromising situations just for the sake of work. In my heart I don’t be feeling any funny because really I even love what I do. 
Among your children have you spotted one who can take over your talent when you finally retire?
I can’t point out. See…. i don’t take sides when it comes to children. I groom them and each of them I know what she or he can do. 

How has been the journey with Mama Marjo?
We are friends. We share a lot together. She knows my daily programme. I have never lied to her. That’s one thing I have maintained. Because our marriage was brought up with honesty. We are happy and ready to celebrate many anniversaries together.

Local tabloids, two years reported how your marriage was crumbling, what had happened?
Good you have said, they are tabloids. Who believes what tabloids write? Marriage yes will be full of ups and downs but we know how to go through such. We are happy.
We have seen reports that you collected 72 Millions in you first wedding meeting. Was all that money spent on the wedding?
Hahahah.. Ugandans with money, Friends and family contributed more than that. Yes we used the contributions on the wedding. We had a budget and that money was meant to cover that.

As a public figure, what are your last remarks about marriage?
Marriage is the best institution one can ever dream of being in. look, you share a lot together. You build yourselves together. You get children. What more do you want in life.  For those in public eye, try as much to protect your families. Media itself can spoil marriages.



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