PHOTOS–Diana Introduces Aloysius In A Totally Colourful “kihinjira”!

Photos by: Dynamic Wedding photography

Finding your soul mate is one thing and taking him home to your parents is another. When the time was right Diana decided to parade the love of her life Aloysius for the world to see that she has been taken. She introduced him to her parents in a delightful Western Uganda traditional ceremony. The “kuhinjira”.

Well, I might not be well acquainted with the traditional norms in the western part of Uganda but one thing is for sure, the ladies there are beautiful! From the land of milk, Aloysius got himself a gem, Diana. Her glow even sparkled brighter on this specific day.

She rocked an aqua blue but embroided flawless “Mushanana” (western Uganda traditional dress) and beaded matching head accessories. Flanked by her equally beautiful sisters in their wonderful “mushananas”, Diana was presented to the awaiting guests. After declaring their intentions and her affirming to then the nuptials has been sealed. Aloysius and Diana become an official item.

Congz from Mikolo, May the love you share today grow stronger as you grow old together.

Dynamic Wedding  photography did a tremendous job in capturing these moments, see for yourself;




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