He Swept Her Off Her Feet; Teddy Introduces Isaac In A Celebration of True Love

Photo credit: Dynamic Wedding Photography 

Once upon a time, there lived a princess in a kingdom where music and art were celebrated but love was nothing beyond what her family gave her. In time, she grew old enough to experience external love and it was not long into adulthood when she met a guy that swept her off her feet.

Judging from their wonderful photos, it’s easy to say that the story of Isaac and Teddy love’s is one that can cause a great deal of a joyous emotion. As time dragged on, Isaac went a step further to express his dying love for Teddy as he proposed and soon, she got her relatives, friends and family members gathered to introduce the love of her life.

In an elegant and classy change of attires, Teddy clad in a gold satin gomesi embroidered with a touch of "flowerish" designs and a red sash. Her brilliant makeup, a chignon hairdo and the chic jewelry gave her an angelic look as she strolled through the middle of the crowd.

Teddy later dazzled in a blue gomesi before changing into her fitting long sleeved red dress. Meanwhile, an-all-smiles Isaac was dressed in a bright white Kanzu and a blue coat.




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