Rossy Roots Flamboyant Decor That Mesmerized Village At Agnes And Godffrey’s Introduction.

Decor by: Rossy Roots Events Uganda feel free to contact them

The events décor industry in Uganda is littered with talent. It is becoming harder to stand out than it was a few years back. What with the importation of new technology that many are embracing. Yet after weaving through a barrage of events our photography partners attended, an event decorated by Rossy Roots Events caught our eyes. It was an introduction ceremony. And pulling off those is a hard nut to crack.

 Because, as many seasoned décor gurus will tell you; they are easy to mess up. Introduction ceremonies are treated as community beacons on the bride’s side. The very reflection of her family’s cultural, social and financial attributes.  And as such, the décor is supposed to be aligned to the same notion. Which makes it even harder and confusing. Because different cultures have different prerequisites to their introduction ceremonies. Which implies that you need to stretch your creativity beyond the usual realm to accommodate the cultural elements that particular tribes/regions ask for. Basically adhering to the norms brouhaha.

But the designers at Rossy Roots Events are, well, how do I put this, not normal? They are different! They are decor extraordinaire. The bearers of a rare talent in the decor industry in Uganda. They are flamboyant in their displays. Their decor when Godfrey was being introduced at Agnes’s ancestral home was overflowing with oomph.

They understood that the space they were working with was not that big. So they gave the decor a center through hoisting elaborate Chandeliers. Chandeliers through which the light that shone to spread and shroud the rest of the décor elements with such character emanated. The choice of table and napkin fabric was as apt as the chairs they used. The shivery chairs; goodness, beautiful pieces of furniture that can blend with most of the safe colors. At the end of the day, their white and orange color theme was singing a beautiful song of decor. A song that spelled class, beauty, character, strength and oomph in one strong verse. See for yourself in the pictures.


The bridal fortress

The circular tables and shivery chairs

Fruit studded tables

The floral center pieces

The beautiful customised napkins

Arent the shivery chairs beautiful?

The bride and groom seats marinated by lovely floral.

The tent from the outside

The maiden gazebo

the gazebbo



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