An All Glitz And Glamour Affair On Winnie Tumusiimes Baby Shower!

There is something about baby showers.  A new trend spreading like a wild fire. Yes. But there is something everyone is looking out for in a baby shower that they don’t tell you. It is not merely to initiate the baby mama into parenting. And in as much as many might argue that the cultural initiation segment is the most pertinent, baby mamas know it’s not. They know that it is the documentation of the party. They know that photography is the center of a baby shower. And that’s why Winnie Tumusiime chose a maestro. One who has mustered his craft.

When documenting a function, you want to detail every organization aspect at play. And he did just that at Winnie Tumusiime’s baby shower. His choice of angles portrayed the magnificent décor at display. And in the same sense, they brought out the all-white theme of the party in the right proportions. From bringing out vital elements like the playful colors,bright smiles, to montaging the dinner setting. Selecting exposures that shone the right amount of shimmer, lending all the portraits the necessary amount of color while avoiding overt plastics on the darker faces. This was a job well done! And congratulations to Winnie for the little bundle of joy. See for yourself.

Photo credit: Ronnie Bob, Equatorial mall level3, 0754600048







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