UBC’s Calvin the Entertainer Shares About his Life With Amanda & Marriage

It’s now a year and 2 weeks to be exact since Head of entertainment at UBC Calvin de Entertainer got married to his long time friend Amanda. They have been married for one year and two weeks now. Calvin describes their marriage as one of those marriages that are rare to find. They are like twins. Mikolo’s Allan Gumizamu caught up with Calvin and shared their love story.

Calvin and Amanda grew up in the same neighbourhood of Naalya. “Our house was just minutes away from theirs.” Calvin notes. Just because of that proximity, we knew each other quite early and grew up as friends. We would meet on the way back from school. She got used of me as just a simple young friend she loved associating with. Even when our parents realised that we are friends, we bonded on well. In fact growing up in the same neighbourhood helped so much for our current marriage.

So your meeting was meant to be?

I can say yes. We don’t have a meeting point. I can’t say we met here or there. I can only say we were childhood friends. The union and bond we had together led us where we are now. She became more of a friend. She turned into my soul. Can you imagine sometimes, I wouldn’t go to school without checking on her at their home? I would knock at their gate. They would also welcome me.

Then at what point in life, you decided to take the friendship to another level?

It was just natural. You see when girls grow they develop so many things on them. Their structures change. They become so beautiful with a mature mind. Amanda grew up and having seen her young, she knew much about me, she knew what I love and I too knew. We didn’t sit to discuss when and how to move the friendship to another level. No, it just came natural. She was in Kyambogo University and I was in institution.

By then, I was renting my own house. Not even a hostel. Because she loved me so much, she left her parents’ home and hostel to come and live with me. She would leave my place to go to school. She liked it that way. Slowly we saw us developing into a mature couple. We tried to wait having children because there was no rush

How long did you cohabit?

We didn’t take long. I remember when she finished her studies and graduated. She got herself a job. She worked for one more year and we decided to stop co habiting and wed. It was a decision we waited too long to make but because we were not forcing anything, we saw things happening.

How and where did you propose?

Ha…. it is something I have never talked about. I wish not to talk about here for now.

On your wedding day, what was actually running through your mind?

I was just overwhelmed by the whole wedding idea. In my minds I was thinking so many things. The years we have stayed knowing each other. The way we love each and the life commitment we have just made. My mind was at rest and super excited.

On year down the road, how has been the marriage journey?

The journey is the same. The only difference is that we cannot both do things the way each one wants them to be. You know when you finally put a ring on each other’s figures, so many things change. Her life interests and my life interested were fussed together. We became more responsible. We discuss how to raise the kids together. Even when I want a buy a new car, I first sit her down and we talk about it.  So all that has made our marriage journey so beautiful.

Calvin, sometimes your wife earns more money than you, are you comfortable with that?

We are one. Every end of the month, me and my wife puts on table all the money we have earned. We sit and plan for it equally.  We look at things we need to change and work on. This has helped us grow up to where we are. You know finances are so tricky in relationships. You need to understand each other from day one you fall in love. Finances have broken relationships.




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