Spicy Hot New Trends In Introduction Ceremonies Today.

My usual weekend chill this time round landed me at a swanky hangout joint around Kampala! I land on a decor team in preparation for an upcoming 'Kuhingira'. Two things bombards my mind. First; is that trends are changing. 'Kuhingira' functions were only held strictly in fathers’ courtyards. Yet, it looks screamingly different in the setting before my eyes. In one corner, a brother is being introduced while in another, mates are cheering a football game and in another, a girl is sheepishly smiling at the sweet nothings whispered into her ear by a lover boy. Yes, nowadays, it is okay for a 'Kuhingira' to be outside of a father’s home. The cultural norms have been flashed down the drain because they limit the creativity in decoration. And many might argue it is wrong, but you should have seen the type of artistry such permission wields. The designers at Delight decor and glamour had indeed made their permission worthwhile. The draping was modern, yet they maintained the cultural element. They fused cultural artifacts like mats, chairs with modern day color-studding to make for a beautiful ensemble. See for yourself in this pictures.




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Asaba James and Twinomujuni Deborah via mikolo