An Angelic Ensemble, Jamelia decorations Breathtaking Decor On Deusdedit And Sarah’s Wedding.

That one moment when you get lost of words, my mind is totally pacing, so many great words in this language English that define beauty and its dimensions. Settling for one word won’t feel justice enough to this great display of art and proof of hands so gifted! Exquisite, extravagant, posh, elegant, pompous, sophisticated, suave, contemporary, eclectic and the list goes on and on…….. But let’s stop here for now lest we can go on all day!

Credit for this awesome creativity goes to Jamelia for a job well done! Time to feed our eyes with these awesome eye candies, see for yourself

The newly wed angelic fortress!

the unique white,gold and blue ensemble

Dreamy floral  illusions!

the gentle illumination

Floral center pieces




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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo