Step Out Of The Ordinary, Wow Your Guests With A Colored Wedding Gown.

What about a colored wedding own!

It’s rare that you find brides in colored wedding dresses. This, because since time immemorial, we have been made to believe that white is the color for wedding dresses. And then of course, because white is the color of purity. Because many religious notions attest to that. But how about a change? How about choosing colors that compliment your style, color and body shape. Yes some body shapes would look more dashing in other colors. But that is a story for another day. Today is about going colorful. And no, we don’t mean the Christmas tree coloring. We simply mean you choosing a different color. Something as elegant, shimmery or mild as wedding dresses should be. Colors like Sky or aqua Blue, native green, faint yellow are safe colors. Just don’t make the mistake of missing them. And in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a trend spreading like a wildfire. The only problem about it is that you need to be extremely cautious.  You need to stay away from the dark shades of every color. Lighter shades, in which every color usually do the trick.

Well the good news is that we can get them here in Uganda too at:Penny-Bold-Bridal

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