Together Since 2011- Emma And Stacy Show Off their Love In An Amazing Pre Wedding Photo-shoot

Photo credit:Katende-Muhammad-Photography

The road to the wedding itself has started for Emma and Stacy. The path for this lovey dovey duo seems to have been filled with joy and myriad forms of ecstasy. Together since 2011! Artistically printed on the back of their shirts. Emma and Stacy have decided to announce the joy of their imminent nuptials to the world at large.

I must admit, watching these pictures and I am already turning green with envy! The flame of red hot burning love lights us the beach and oops! she lifts him on her back! Hilarious! A mere glance at the two and no one need to tell you that Emma and Stacy are in love. On this hot musty day they captured their memories in these awesome pre wedding photos. And the maestro himself Katende-Muhammad-Photography added his magic touch to the pictures, the results absolutely SMASHING!

These will surely make you fall in love, here is the pre wedding photo shoot in pictures;

Come let me take you to the future

The color of love is up to me and you.

this love will burn red hot for ever

i got you baby!

I will love you from dusk til dawn.





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