Comedian Richard Tuwangye and Sharon’s Love Story

June last year, fan factory comedian Richard Tuwangye dropped all the jokes and walked down the aisle his long-time fiancé Sharon. Before the wedding, Richard was introduced to Sharon’s parents where all the comedians in the country were in attendance. Richard threw a few jokes about their marriage

The genesis of our love

Richard says he remembers how it all begun. Being childhood friends, we met again when we are both at University. She remembered me from way back in Kabale. We rekindled our friendship. Like any other campuser, I started visiting her at her hostel. We became tight friends.

When did you make your intentions clear?

This took almost a year. We remained friends. When I realised I couldn’t hold it up anymore, one evening as we walked to campus I faced her and asked her to be my girlfriend. I realised she had also developed feelings for me. We moved on ever since then.

Did she ever know, you would turn into a celebrity? If yes, didn’t she have any worries?

She knew I was too funny. She knew even when I joined the fan factory. She never had any worries rather she was very excited to be having a boyfriend who would crack jokes on stage and people laugh. When I fully joined the comedy life, she has been so supportive. She is always at my comedy shows. She loves comedy too.

We are never too serious when home

Richard says when he is home, he loosens up. We are never too serious. We joke around; we never take things so seriously. You know sometimes in life, you don’t have to be so serious. You let life be. She knows she fell for someone who makes her laugh.

We were in the same primary school…

We chose to take this as a joke but Richard maintains that they met in primary seven. Richard can’t open up about which school they were both in but claims their love started way back in primary when they asked to sit together on the same mat. We would play hide and seek games. I remember I used to buy her pancakes at break time. We later separated and they took her to a different school. We again met at a later stage and rekindled our relationship. 

I secretly proposed to her at national theatre

It was a Saturday and I had a commitment at National Theatre. I told her she should come around. She came at around 7 pm. I had bought my ring and I went down and I proposed. It was as simple as that. Because I’m also simple.

About the wedding?

This Amazing Image of the Love Birds at All Saints Church

It was very simple but memorable. We tied the knot at All Saints Nakasero. Family and friends graced our function. I was surprised to see many artists at my functions. I didn’t expect it because I don’t have many friends.

Where did you have your honeymoon?

Up to now, no one knows where we had our honeymoon. We decided to keep it our secret. But we travelled and Sharon loved the experience.

It is now one year since you are married, how is the experience?

Marriage is the best institution one can ever dream of being into. There is nothing as beautiful as sharing one life. We are friends. When she is sick, I don’t be well. After all life struggles, we retire back home to each other’s hands. It is consoling and beautiful. More so seeing the children playing around. You feel like a real responsible person.

Last remarks…

I believe in love…. 



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