A wedding By The Lakeside; A Beautiful Trend Ugandans Should Embrace With Both Arms

Ugandan Elegant Wedding Decoration New Ideas Share By Evannah Wedding & Events Specialists

By Robert K James

Time check is about 10:45 am when I and a team from Mikolo, Uganda’s number one online wedding planning website set foot on the soils of the Speke Resort in Munyonyo for Don and Jojo’s wedding.

The eagerly awaited attendance followed an invite from one of Uganda’s best décor service providers, Evannah Wedding & Events Specialists to cover her part of the wedding services.

Amidst very tight security that followed the just concluded international forum on refugees at the same venue where a number of both local and foreign dignitaries were still residents, we arrived at the five-star hotel, clad in Mikolo branded T-shirts. The quietness, the beauty of the scenery dominated by green and the fresh air that blows off the shores of Lake Victoria clearly tells you how gifted the Pearl of Africa is.

As we take some photos at the shores of the lake, one of my bosses briefly talks about the difference between living within the confines of the City centre and its immediate surrounding areas of residence in comparison to that at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, a hotel that is sited on a vast piece of land.

Meanwhile, Annet Akankwasa, the proprietor of Evannah Wedding & Events Specialists and her team are busy setting up the venue that has a section to be used as church plus another for the cocktail. Annet tells us that “we’re a bit delayed by rains from the previous night that fell until about 9:00 am” on the morning of the wedding. However, she remained very confident that they were to “leave no stone unturned to have everything ready on time”.

Almost an hour and a half later, everything looks set and the final touches are being done—thanks to Annet’s industrious team. Meanwhile, with all the equipment in place, a soothing nonstop of slow music plays in the background as we start taking photos of the exhilarating decorations that adorn the whole place. Starting from the church side, the reception and the cocktail venue, everything looks just perfect.

Don and Jojo chose their church session of the wedding to be by the lakeside while the reception was just a spit distance away—by the swimming pool and on the upper side of the pool is the cocktail venue.

In the meantime, some guests have started arriving while the couple, already taking residence in the hotel get dressed.

Moments later, the man of God (Reverend) shows up fully dressed and ready to conjoin the couple into husband and wife. Don and his belle, under the guidance of a pair of flower girls and page boys with the accompaniment of elegantly dressed maids and groomsmen simultaneously walk out. Wow!!!!! It was a flawless entourage from both sides.

But before all this comes to pass, none of the guests who had for long been waiting for the couple to come out looked to be complaining. They were all just enjoying the cool winds that blew off the waters of Lake Victoria and the sounds of the surf plus the scenic nature of the whole place.

It is true that here in Uganda, we are unaccustomed to beach or lakeside weddings but trust me, it’s worth every second, not just to the invited guests but to you as a couple. A wedding day is so special that everything has to be literally perfected and there is no better way to achieve that than to have a lakeside wedding.

Who needs to go to the stone quarry in Munyonyo or in the streets of Kololo for a photo shoot after church when you have the entire beach to yourselves when you host your wedding at a lakeside. Therefore, a wedding by the Lakeside is a beautiful trend Ugandans should embrace with both arms.

Don & Jojo's church section at the Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo

Don & Jojo's reception by the pool side




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