Evannah’s Decor mesmerizes guests at Don & Jojo’s Beach Wedding

Ugandan Elegant Wedding Decoration New Ideas Share By Evannah Wedding & Events Specialists

The word ‘Don’ can mean many things. But mostly, it is a title that spells affluence. And that is exactly what Don displayed at his wedding. He contracted the very best; Evannah Events. And the team knew their art. They didn’t disappoint one bit. First off, it helped that Don and Jojo, (the brides) chose a good location. A wedding by the lake.

The set-up was flung from the hustle and bustle of the city. From the dusty ruckus of town. And erected in the tranquility that is the Common Wealth Munyonyo Resort. Where fresh and clean air is brewed. Even better is that the spot they used was between a lake and a swimming pool. Which gave the decorator lots of elements to play with. Yet she stood up to the occasion and owned it. She knew that the day was a sunny one by the beach, so she themed the colors in ways that accentuated the beauty of the sun kissing the lake waters. Blue and White. So that everything around the ensemble looked uniform. Like the lake in its entirety and the swimming pool were part of the decor.

Her choice of chairs, table and tent draping exuded impeccable taste. And her attention to detail. Goodness. Her eye. Understanding that while draping the tables, using the silk fabric would complement the shimmery silver finishing on the chairs to successfully stay within a safe range of the theme colors. Also, the silver and glassware were chosen carefully to match the same theme. The Don and Jojo Wedding, an exquisite affair montaged by Evannah Events. See for yourself in these pictures.

The well laid pool side

Evannahs touch of class decor

The white beach setup

The blue and white exquisite setup

The multicolored floral centerpieces

The long laid table for the entourage




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