Must see-Joel And Fiona Share Their Shocking Wedding Secret

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Joel and Phiona’s shocking wedding secret

The average Ugandan girl’s childhood was punctuated by dreams of a perfect wedding. A grand setting wherein; she gets to walk down the aisle with a handsome prince charming, stomping on the already-dropped jaws of the drooling attendees, evoking incessant ‘oohs and awes’. Because in their minds, a wedding devoid of pomp is not glorious. But in reality, sometimes the wedding we picture is harder to pull off. The many details we prefer be added to the affair make the organization process more prone to mistakes. 

Joel and Fiona seem to have been tipped off about the same notion. They were introduced to the secret of beautiful weddings. They evoked the same admiration from the attendees, except without the pomp of things like helicopters, police convoys or traveling abroad to a swanky hotel destination. Instead they wowed with their chemistry. How they stole kisses like high school lovers. How smart they looked, together and individually. Joel looked as dapper as a James Bond character. While Fiona was astonishing in her snow white ball gown . See for yourself;

Fiona and the girls




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