Singer Jackie O Shares Her Marriage Story

Former Obsessions singer and dancer Jackie Tusiime aka Jackie O and her hubby Creamier Ssempijja, a Uganda Revenue Authority employee tied the knot one year back. The extremely lovely couple hosted their guests to a lavish reception at Speke Resort Hotel, Munyonyo. Jackie O rose to fame in the late 20s when the Musical group Obsessions was at its peak. Mikolo had a sit-down with the talented lady and chatted about her marriage.

It’s now one year of being a married woman, how does it feel?

The feeling is so natural. I married my friend so every day of our lives we are celebrating life. Sem is too friendly and he loves being home. If he wasn’t working, he would be with me at home for all our lives.

Share some of the history of your marriage—where you met, how you became engaged, and so on?

It is a long story but to cut it short we meet many years back. I’m a businesswoman besides singing. So through my business deals with URA, we met and finally became friends. Day by day we interacted. We would talk the whole night and the whole day. So we became so used to each other. He got to know me and later understood the kind of a person I am. He saw a different lady when not in music. This helped so much. I can say it took us three years to finally commit to each other.

Look back on some of the expectations you had before your marriage. How have they changed now?

As a musician and public figure, I had so many fears. I knew the public had so many expectations from me. I would get worried if I will ever get a perfect match for myself. You know we are judged so much. Secondly, way back, I knew I would settle for a very rich handsome man. But when I met Ssempijja it became a different story. I simply fell in love.

Share some of the difficult times—be as open as you are comfortable with. How did these times affect your relationship with Ssempijja?

Of course, marriage is not a bed of roses. We have had our worst times. The most difficult times we have been through are when were written about with false stories. When Tabloids got wind of our relationship, they decided to write whatever they would feel. This somehow affected our relationship. It affected me personally because I thought my man somehow would take them as a gossip truth.

What are some of the things you do to keep your marriage growing?

Nothing much really apart from doing the same things we used to do for each other when we had started dating. He still calls me baby. He still treats me like the most precious thing in his life. We still hold hands as we move. We have maintained the special friendship. Lastly, we have never taken each other for granted. I know my limits despite being his friend.

What special role has your faith in God played in your marriage?

Without faith, we wouldn’t be this far. In difficult times, we have maintained the faith. We believe faith in God is the only way to maintain our marriage. Even when you enter into our house, you can feel the presence of God.

How do you balance marriage and music?

I know when I am going to sing or perform. I talk about it with my husband every time I have worked out. He sometimes moves with me. So I have no formula I use to balance music and marriage.

Finally, you have two children in a space of two years. Did you plan this?

Yes, I want to give birth and finish. I love children and I want to have them and start looking after them once and for all.



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