Creativity At Its Best! Fred And Debbies Wedding In Pictures

Photos by: Storyline Pictures Uganda

There as many ideas as there are stars in the sky,

After saying their vows, this awesome couple Fred and Debbie headed out to for their photo shoot. They proved the notion that it's good to marry your friend for everything they did only seems to amuse you.They seemed to enjoy every bit of each others company.

Fred clad in a white suit that fitted so well—accentuating all his masculine features. He and his entourage were dressed to the nines! Debbie on the flip side of this sea was dazzling in her beautiful Cinderella ball gown with roses bottom detail and beautifully hand appliqued bodice detail.

 Storyline did an astounding job to capture these moments. See for yourself here.

you can run but you cant hide from my love

The newly weds and their best man and matron

i got you love

the dashing entourage!

today we sail to our beautiful destiny

slaying in bae,s glasses




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