Totally Captivating Studio Photography! Frank and Jakies Wedding In Photos

Photo credit: Rossy Roots Events

I wait at the Rossy roots studio early on this fine Saturday morning, it’s all warm and cozy. I watch the fish gracefuly swim without a care in the world in the little table aquarium in the studio. It's 8:00 am a lovely couple Frank and Jackie are set to have their wedding. But time doesn’t seem to be a luxury to them. They have come to take their wedding photos. It then hits me that trend of studio wedding photos is becoming extinct! A zeitgeist of the 90"s and times prior.

For one, I expected the usual picture, just a picture of a couple flanked by smiley faces and plain color blocked backgrounds, the usual stereotypes. But trust me after the pictures were taken and edited out, I was wowed inside out! Outside in! They were amazing! They totally kicked out this lousy idea painted earlier in my head and now this beautiful one seizes my thought, lodges itself in my cranium and camps there for eons. That’s just my obnoxious way of saying the pictures were well deserving and wedding studio photography still rocks. The magic is actually in the person who takes the photos the person behind the camera, not the place, Frank and Jakies drop dead gorgeous photos will bear witness to this, see for yourself;

The bride and matron

Frank and Jakie

The happy couple

The macho Frank

Frank and his best man

Glorious Jakie

The bridal entourage




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