Together At Last! Brian Weds Doreen

Photo credit: Onyx Pictures Photography Uganda

Despite the hurdles the two have been thru, the love between Doreen and Brian has been like a raging bonfire that would never die; a love story fed by inflammable and beautifully arranged clefs, scripts and rhythm. Together they rewrite the Romeo and Juliet tale.

After a recent introduction ceremony, the couple showed that they could not wait any longer to be together forever. So Brian decided to walk Doreen down the aisle immediately. Downing a two piece white suit with black stripe detail for Brian and Doreen in a white lace and patterned gown fastened by the purple diamond detail on the waist, they said their vows. After which they had a photograph session that would leave many single people to turn green with envy.

The Mikolo team would, therefore, like to pose a toast to Doreen and Brian, a toast to unending love and many more blissful moments ahead.


Together at last

Here comes the bride.......

You make me blush Doreen seems to say

Extremely beautiful! Doreen and maids




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