Brian and Doreen’s Pre-Wedding Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love

Photo credit: Onyx Pictures Photography Uganda

Where there is love, chemistry is natural. Fire wax is inevitable.

A nippy wind hazed over the atmosphere. Stars starting slowly to make an entrance into the sky expanse, it was dusk. One would wonder why people would settle to have pictures of such great importance at this time of the day. Like why? But alas! This is where the magic lay, it was the photographers plan into snapping dashing pieces that capture not only the couple’s moments in cloud nine but also create a feeling of romance in the picture. Sometimes we just have to leave the issues of the generals to the generals.

After an introduction in Mukono district and an impending wedding on the way, the timing was right. Brian proposed and Doreen said YES.These will surely make you fall in love, here is the pre-wedding photo shoot in pictures

The couple slaying in denim

The happy duo

In your arms is were i long to be

I got your back love.

we shall be together forever

You make me blush




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