We were University Sweethearts – Bonita and Adolf Celebrate Romantic Wedding

After attending two single schools for O & A-level at St Theresa Girls Bwanda and Rubaga Girls respectively, Bonita joined Nkumba University in 2011 as a very innocent and juvenile girl about love affairs and relationships.

Innocent and naive, Bonita Nyakato, an assistant manager at Vision Fund Uganda, Makerere Kavule branch met Adolf Kyoleko at the university. It turned out that they were both pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration although Adolf was in his third year.

“We met at a Banyoro university party where I had been tasked to work as an emcee. That’s where he saw me and he started to follow me around everywhere like MTN,” a grinning Bonita, the younger of twins reminisces about how she and Adolf met.  

“He kept on following me even when he had nothing to say. After the party he asked me out for a bottle of beer—so we went to a bar. He bought a drink and he gave me his phone number but I didn’t give him mine. He asked for it but as a fresher, I was afraid of giving away my number to a stranger given the reputation of university students,” the former sales personnel at Barclays Bank adds as she stares away to the screen of her ringing phone.

For Adolf, a domestic tax officer with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Bonita was no stranger. According to his wife, he had already “recognised her around campus” but had never gotten the opportunity to talk to her in person, given that she always walked in the company of her twin sister, Nyangoma Anita. It wasn’t until that day of the party that his chance of meeting her alone came to pass.

“At the end of the night, he escorted me to my hostel of residence at around 10 PM. Given that our bathroom was outside, he waited for me and I first took a bath before he left.”

With Adolf off to his place, Bonita sat with her twin sister for that girl-talk about this guy. She had never had a boyfriend in life before. In advice, Anita gave her the green light to explore a new life. Four and half years later, the duo had their Kukyala on 28th May 2016 in Kasese.      

Bonito, a mother to one-year-old Adora Kemigisa introduced her swain to her parents, relatives and loved ones on Saturday, 17th December 2016 in hilly grounds of Kasese district. 

Adolf, a man who foregoes anything including an entertaining football match just to make her wife happy according to Bonita, exchanged vows with his spouse on 13th May 2017 at Bujoni Catholic Church in Kibale district.

Revisiting the old norms of society, the couple had their reception in the backyard of Adolf’s parents’ home in Kibale where they treated their guests to some cultural entertainment and a delicious meal.

The two love birds went to Kalangala Islands for their honeymoon where they had a great experience. Bonita says she would sacrifice anything just to have another moment like that. “We had a very wonderful time. Had a candlelit dinner and forest walk. I would do anything to have the same experience all over again.”

She advises couples to be faithful to one another if they’re to have success marriages. “Fidelity—once you start being unfaithful, that’s when you ruin everything. You start comparing the person at home and the person on the other side which isn’t healthy for a marriage.”

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