Must watch:Video Of Amazing Moments Captured From Ali and Penny’s inter-religious wedding.

Vidoe Credit:  Lenz Media

It is a rare occasion for inter-religious relationships to flourish. It is even more peculiar for them to make it to the marriage pedestal. But Ali and Penny’s relationship was different. He with the electrifying smile and a towering yet gentle demeanor. And she with the beauty of a goddess. With the figure of a mermaid and the strut of a super model. They were the proverbial match made in heaven. And perhaps, it is safer to assume that the Muslim families have a far stronger pull for such occasions.

They seem to have won in this case because the wedding happened on Muslim terms. It was a Nikar. Held in a mosque. But they (the Muslim family) were lenient with their terms. Because in as much as the wedding was Muslim, the dress code was a cocktail of garb from either religion. Ali was clad in a double breast suit that made him look like gorgeous mariachi. A suit that fitted so well it accentuated all his masculine features. His well-chiseled face, a jaw many men would kill for.

Penny on the flip side of this sea was a beauty to behold. In her shimmery white and silver ensemble gown and matching shoes with her, well henna tatooed hands.

 Lenz Media did an astounding job to capture these moments. See for yourself here.



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