Creative ways to rock the ‘mushanana’

So you are a fashion forward bride. You want to introduce your husband in style. You want to make a fashion statement like you always do at office. You know this because even your friends and family say it and expect it. But traditional introductions are a tad tricky. It is so easy to mess up the dressing. But that doesn’t mean it is hard to pull off the look. And for many an elite, it is usually to strike a balance between elegance and culture. Some end up doing a little too much of either. So the idea, if you ever find yourself in such a conundrum is too play it safe.

 Planning your kuhinjira or just want to look royal at a party, the western Uganda dress or Omushanana is the way to go. Because it accords you so many opportunities and respect. The chance to exercise your color play instincts. And of late, the patterned and enbroided Omushanana has taken over the linen traditional outfits. Here are a few photos of how you can not only glow but make statements with your squad.

Dressed by Anita Beryl

Dress by Anita Beryl

Dressed by Allen collections

Dressed by Allen Collections

Anita Beryl




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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo