Love Beyond Borders, Lillian and Dirkscrolls Interracial Wedding in Pictures

Love is not a color and character is not a shade of skin

A wise man once said, that simplicity is the ultimate sophistry. And before you ask me who that wise man was, let us use Lillian and Dirkscholl's wedding as a specimen to prove that notion. Theirs was the proverbial Ebony and Ivory marriage. Except, the wedding was devoid of the pomposity associated with such marriages. It was simple. The would-be woods setting was replaced with a tropical feel, with banana plantations acting as the background décor for many of their wedding activities. It was, nonetheless, a mirth-infested shindig. With the Dirkscoffs loosening up and joining the Bakisimba dance troupe to dance to the Buganda drums. An epic portrayal of true love. And how they wouldn’t have enough of each other. How they couldn’t stop whispering jokes and visibly fighting off the laughter. And how they stole kisses like they were juveniles in a place they were forbidden to kiss. Their smiles, goodness, you should have seen their smiles. Plus, it looks like the couple is really simple people.

The couple didn’t put much effort in the dressing. The groom tried, with his yellow waistcoat and a navy blue suit. The girl, on the other hand, didn’t. Or maybe that was her definition of trying. Being clad in a silky cream dress. So much for simplicity, one may argue. But the photographer behind this photo-shoot will tell you, that it was simpler to shoot them than it is to shoot a bride with an elaborate wedding dress. See for yourself.

Photo credit: PhotoArtistik




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