Bloven Events On Their Secrets To Winning In The Decor Industry

Bloven events, a company that has hastily amassed a reputation off lending glamor and pomp to parties. As the Mikolo team, we made it a priority to look for the team behind such artistry. Our search led us Mabirizi Complex level 3, the offices of the Bloven events. In the office was the Director Rogers Kisitu, a soft-spoken and laid back lad .Glad to have found him around, after brief introductions we commenced our interview,  

When did you start out?

As friends, I and my partners used to work for different decor companies. Then it’s in 2011 that we decided to register and start our own. So we can say 2011 was when Bloven events was birthed.

Why did you choose this business in particular owing to the fact that its usually female dominated?

Having gathered experience working with different companies in a familiar trade, we developed love and passion for it. Making things beautiful seemed to be our call.

What inspires you?

We derive our inspiration from most times our finished work. When we look at the ensemble and people appreciating and it gives us the moral to go on and on, he nods in appreciation.

We are also inspired by other peoples work and we have to copy a leaf. In this industry where things change by the second copying is inevitable.

So what is trending in the world decor today?

For introductions it the gazebo. You just can’t do without it. It’s new but it’s taken the country by storm! Then for the bako tent you can’t do without back ground and ceiling curtains. Plain tents are a big ‘no’ in this era. If you want a floral gazebo with orchids, lilies and lighting this would make your event a talk of the town! Thought it goes for an extra cost, he smiles

For weddings the bridal areas has totally changed. They used to have long tables that accommodated the bride, groom and the whole entourage but today? Unless it’s because of financial constraints but it’s a big no .the couple is supposed to have its own area and the entourage its own. Today we also no longer use plastic but shiver chairs in the guest tents.

There are so many decor houses, what makes you different from others?

We as Bloven strive for perfection. When we design we leave no stone un turned. And we give your money its worth. We are also cost friendly, reliable and trustworthy. We also offer unique and customized cake deigns. For the cake it’s always a full package. The cake doesn’t come alone. It’s flanked by champagne an usher and a knife.

Time keeping, we never want to be the reason a party is unsuccessful we make sure we sleep onsite prior to the event. We take time management very seriously.

We also use the latest equipment .we always make sure we are the first in everything, we create trends that other deco houses copy from.

So do you work only in Kampala or even upcountry?

We reach everywhere just mention the place and we shall be there! We have even worked in Juba before. So geographical location is not really our problem.

What achievements have you got from this business?

We have manage to build a clientele base through referrals generally. We have expanded our market. We’ve also been able to attain the latest equipment to make our work standout from the rest. Our labor force has grown from the time we commenced till now, we started out with three people but now we boast of a team of about 50 people.

Bloven events also started out its own bakery and we are no longer rent the cake providers anymore.

Socially we have managed to improve our welfares and meet our obligations comfortably.

What challenges have you encountered in the trade?

Competition, there are a lot of good decorators out there so you really have to fight hard to remain relevant.

Trends keep changing so first! So you have to keep doing research and buying new equipment all the time which is expensive. This also forces us to increase our price.

Your work is really good, what are your rates like?

Thank you.

The rates depend on the number of people you are anticipating to host. But the lesser the people the lesser the price but it’s better to call or come to our offices for better rates and negotiations.

Where can we find you?

At Mabirizi complex, level 3 room 23.Or Facebook bloven events/bloven cakes WATSAPP 0782278880.

Here are some pictures of Bloven Events Cake & Decoration Service Provider

A floral introduction gazebo

A kukyala setting





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