I Proposed to Manuela Thrice -NTV’S Brian Mulondo

Brain Mulondo is a News Anchor on NTV and co-host of morning breakfast show at KFM. He is also an MC and describes himself as a free spirit. Mikolo caught up with him. We asked him about marriage, work and growing up as a father.

First, tell us how you proposed to Manuela Pacutho

 “8 years back, I was at church, one of my friends told me that Manuela was in Jinja at her aunt’s home. I borrowed a car from a friend and set off for Jinja at around 8 pm.”  Brian narrates.

“I got there at about 9:30 pm and instantly declared my undying love for Manuela and she said NO!!” he recalls. I proposed to her for the second time and she again said no,” he continues.

“I was frustrated, I cried, without caring who was looking at me, all I wanted was Manuela’s love for me, he says. “It is after this moment that she said yes and now we are married and I have been over the moon since that day,” Brian says

You are always smiling, is it the trick you use to keep a happy marriage?

I love smiling and I enjoy every bit of my life. I laugh each time I do something great for me and my family. I taught my family how to laugh and take life as simple as they could. I have changed so many people because of my smile. So it is so easy for me to smile than be serious or annoyed. It is now 3 years wince I go married and we have been happy all through.

How have you handled being a comedian, news anchor, and husband?

I live a simple life and I am so flexible. In this hard economic situation, I need to be so flexible so to survive. I need the work so that I can sustain my family. The most supporting thing is that my wife Manuela is also hardworking. We always wake up at 4; 30 am, pray together and later head to my first day Job.

These days, I do more Emceeing than Comedy. I think comedy is the genesis of all I am today. But because comedy lives in me, I make people laugh even by seeing me. My wife so many times laughs at me when she sees me. That how much fun I am.

Tell us about your three years of Marriage…

We are friends. I and Manuela live a happy life. We don’t have to take every situation so serious and hard. That way we have been through so many things. In the end, being hard or tough doesn’t earn you the peace. We understand each other so well. We always try so much to agree on so many things. Disagreement is the last thing we can settle for.

Being married for three years is not a simple thing but we see ourselves celebrating 50 years.  We are so faithful to each other. Trust and love heads our family. I am so supportive in so many areas. We attend church together. Family gathering together. Basically me and her we blend. Marriage has no formulae at all. We live as the day comes. We are happy people.

Also, one thing I love doing for my wife is cooking. I cook for her mostly on Sunday. I do breakfast for her and the children. Sometimes I cook for her to amend for my past mistakes. You know we are never perfect so I will always look for ways to calm her down and make her happy. She enjoys it so much.

Dad and Mum as we speak


"Manuela is the best thing that has ever happened to me" says Brian

I love so many things about Manuela. One thing I have always mentioned I love most about her is the passion she has for the things she loves doing most. She loves her family, her business and of course me. Manuela will always give the best in all she does. She is the best thing I have ever come across.




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