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They smile endlessly. They look so dashing in their uniform outfits. Together, they form a beautiful parade behind the bride and groom. As they strut the aisle, wows and awes escape people’s lips. Their tailoring was impeccable. And they know it. So as they flash their smiles, they can’t help but anticipate the photo moments. They are the maids of the moment. The proverbial flower girls. And usually, they have one person to thank for the beauty. The mastermind who combed through many wedding sites, magazines, and bridal shops to get the perfect dresses to make the pretty bevy stand out.  Here are some areas to focus on while choosing the bridal dress.

The maid’s body shapes

If you are going to have a cocktail of the Beyoncé (curvy girls) and Miley Cyrus (slim and nothing really to flaunt) girls, it’s better to settle for round dresses to make them look chick. This will make for a uniform ensemble without stressing their varying body sizes. Because indeed, it’s not a nice sight of an endowed sister totally throwing shade to the not so gifted. Round dresses are a big yes here. The mermaid dresses are a no zone in such cases!


Ascertain your maid's skin colors. Know what would look good on all of them given their different color tones.

Here are some pictures to inspire you.













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