Ugandan Trendy Wedding Day Makeup Looks for Gorgeous Brides – Makeup By Usher

For long, Ugandans were unfamiliar with the idea of makeup regardless of what the occasion was. Some simple lipstick, a touch of eye-pencil on the eyebrows and a refined hairdo sealed the deal for a bridal look.

However, Ugandans have finally embraced the concept of Makeup, what it is and what it does. For the brides, having makeup done is becoming something major. And YES, it should. With that in mind, makeup artists are also not just sitting back. They are always putting their creative minds to work, coming up with different ideas, and styles of brilliant makeup.

One of Uganda’s top makeup artists Usher (@thenameis.USHER) came up with a couple of looks brides can look through for inspiration, in case they want to look flawless on their big day. The first 7 pictures highlight bits of simplicity, in a choice of lip color, especially for the church wedding. And the last 3 pictures highlight bold-lippies, more adventurous, adding more personality to a bride's special day suited for the reception.

Work speaks for its self…

See the photos:











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Asaba James and Twinomujuni Deborah via mikolo