” I Messed Up My Own Wedding “! How All Couples Should Avoid It!

I ruined my own wedding!

A wedding day is something we look forward to all our lives, for ladies, in particular, it’s like a wish come true. We all crave for that wedding that makes it to the top talk of the town occasions, the flashlights, smiles, and cheers as you walk with ‘bae’ down the aisle. Though in pursuit of this ideal types of occasions we don’t pay head to the Nitti grittiest that could actually make everything crumble like the great Jericho walls. Here is a story of Sheila whose dream day become a horror story.

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What exactly happened?

Desperately wanting to impress

I totally forgot about my happiness and what I wanted. I am always well dressed and clear-cut so everyone was looking forward to what it will look like for my wedding, so I went out of my way to look for the best way to look outstanding! I went ahead and booked very expensive service providers and forgot about the little things that mattered.

I also had a friend who was just starting out in the bridal business so in a bid to support, I used her and brushed away all people’s suggestions of hiring. Remember she was just starting out and my gown was like her training gown. she totally messed it up! No one was amused on seeing me in my gown I mean I too did not feel it inside me but it was too late! The dress made me lose a lot of confidence throughout the day I hated it! It ruined my day.

Taking on too many tasks

Being the perfectionist that I am, I did consider delegating. I feared people would not do things the way I wanted them to. Well I had a committee but I wanted things in a specific way, she scoffs. Reaching the d- day I had a lot of things I hadn’t done l didn’t have shoes on the wedding eve can you imagine!

Trying so hard to cut costs

At some point, I realized I had run out of money and this was because I used very expensive service providers for some items and have to look for cheapest offers for others that were delivered but very substandard!

According to Cathy Rukundo a Kampala wedding planner says many factors play the lead in making weddings disastrous and also gives some advice on how to avoid them.

Hiring friends instead of vendors

Sure your friends or sister is a spin master of the disks in your house parties or house events, but that doesn’t mean he will make a great wedding Dj! Others have relatives who cook so well and try to use them to cater for the wedding meal which is wrong! She adds. Even on a tight budget, you are better off paying a vendor with experience. Don’t you want to have your friends and family enjoy your wedding than work through it anyway?

Going over the budget

The biggest mistake I see brides make is going over budget, they see something, like it and forget that it was way over the estimated plan and later go into debt! Why would you want to start your marriage in debt?.

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Poor dressing

Don’t choose your outfits alone go on with a friend. The success of most weddings is portrayed by the couple and entourage dressing.

Choosing the wrong dates

There are those times of the year when the prices shoot up the sky high! Avoid these months. Talking months there are also some months that are characterized by rains, these months should be avoided for outdoor events or opt for indoors dos.

Choosing the wrong venues

Sometimes couples do not look at taking into consideration the number of people invited to the venue. Some places are too small and get congested whereas some venues are too big for the headcounts that it gives an impression of an ‘empty’ wedding.

Photography and videography

Bad photos! Most people get moved by social media photos by photographers. They dismiss the fact that some of the photos are actually photos shopped, I would prefer couples to move and check out the studios and the real albums before settling for a photography vendor.

Mismanagement of Time factor

Ever been to a wedding full of sound checks or the music just goes off completely! Couples should book service providers at least a two months earlier. This helps avoid last minute bookings that often don’t turn out well. These early bookings also help you plan and give the providers time to fix their equipment before gracing your occasion.

The bride and groom should also keep time! Some churches add fines for late coming, an aspect that should not in any way come into the budget. Also, avoid boring the guests at the reception, receptions are better off short lest the guests get agitated.

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The MC

Using boring MCs that actually bore than entertain. Get a person that is humorous and can engage and entertain the guests this will help keep the mood alive at the wedding.

The cake

Some wedding cakes really look and taste bad! Ensure you have a cake test before settling for a cake type. Know the type of cake and the design you want for the cake. Some cakes are types and designs are not for weddings make this clear to the confectionery house.



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