Photos From Omari And Solome’s Inspirational Wedding

We just can’t get enough of Omari and Solome’s magnificent wedding. We have seen their exquisite tailored outfits and not to mention, their heavenly décor but now let’s have a look at their inspirational wedding photos.

The unbearable beauty of Omari and Solome’s wedding is one that will leave you stretching out over time just to have another glimpse.

With varnished fingers and ebony-black hair, Solome's makeup gave her a glossy skin as her body hugged a classy gown. The maids slayed in back show red halter neck long dresses while the groomsmen cloaked in black tuxedos just to keep up with the elegant Omari and his best man.

The couple was wedded by Pastor Robert Kayanja at Miracle Center, Rubaga Cathedral on Saturday, May 6th beofe they went on to treat their guests not only to just exhibitionistic decorations but also a sumptuous meal and relaxing entertainment at Executive Garden in Bunga.

Cake by: Slice and Serve Cake Confectionary

Photography by: On Timeline Media

Décor & Outfits by: SUKI The Out Destination  




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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo