Beautiful Pre wedding photos that will make you fall in love.

The most seasoned of wedding photographers will tell you, that it is easy to tell a couple that is not in love. Because indeed, not everyone marries/weds for love. But for those that do, it is a beautiful experience shooting them. It is like you are watching a love story flick from behind the lens. Because where there is love, chemistry is natural. Fire wax is inevitable. And with such an ensemble, beautiful photos are birthed. Photos that, akin to love story movies, make the random looker want to fall in love. Because they ooze emotion. The epic portrayal of a natural yet strong bond that many look for in their pursuits for marital partners.

Like many civilization hurricanes that sweep our societal landscape, the pre-wedding photo-shoots are upon us. They are spreading like a wild fire. There are forgettable ones. And those that aren’t. This collection is, however, the type that will make you fall in love. Scroll away.




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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo