Justina – He Borrowed the Waiter’s Uniform to Propose

With the current state of events where love and commitment in relationships is becoming dinosaurs extinct! Here is Justina Icabala taking us through her love story and we hope someone out there gets the vibe and also gets to believe that ‘yes’ true love still exists and so does the beauty in it. We caught up in an interview and this is how it transpired

So when did you start dating?

We started dating in April 2010, approximately 7 years now in love she nods her head in affirmation.

What made him different from other men?

He was and still is, the most thoughtful, caring and patient gentleman I know of.

So tell us, how did he propose?

I had gone to lunch with mom after a waiter had taken our orders another returned the order, I didn’t realize though that it was another waiter (Him)! He laid the table and put a cake in front of me, at first I wondered if this waiter was not giving me someone else’s order, but on looking closer I saw the words will you marry me inscribed on the cake! I looked up in surprise and behold it was him! He got down on one knee and expressed it verbally, at that point all my friends were cheering in excitement, till to date I do not know how he got all of them.

Justina - He Borrowed the Waiter's Uniform to Propose.

So how did you feel after this?

I felt both emotional and excited, my eyes got teary but I wanted to laugh and shout and pinch those girls for hiding all this. I was sure there was not going to be a proposal like that one, really blows me away!

Introduction ceremony

Now on planning the D-day, what challenges did you encounter?

Different preferences, I wanted to do things a certain way that was contrary to his and vice verse. Sometimes you have dreams of certain things (especially for us ladies) and when they can’t happen disappointment starts biting and things start to get tense between you two but never the less you have to focus on the common goal, and that getting married.

Things have gotten very expensive! What you love and what your budget can afford are often not the best of friends. Though not an easy thing we had to accept and let go of many things.

Then indecision, you want to pick the very best, but you are not sure of which is the very best. This is a point where you need a good friend/matron who can guide you and also help you pick what looks great on you.

What advice do you give to young couples fearing to commit?

I believe in starting to understand why most are fearing to commit. For some it’s from bad past experiences, the past shouldn’t dictate your future, have faith that there is beauty ahead, recreate your future, how long will you live in the past? For others, it’s just fear of crossing over, well ‘hallo from the other side’, she waves and chuckles. It’s lovely and beautiful but requires more commitment than butterflies. Not been here long but from what I have experienced is, It’s a learning process as long as you are willing to learn, to love, forgive and above all rely on God’s grace, with those there’s nothing to fear. Both of you are not perfect; so instead of staying too long in shock, when you discover he/she is not perfect, strive to perfect the art of partnership between you two. As you learn to work better together than alone, the journey gets easier and sweeter. Sometimes you will fail but it’s okay, forgive and move on to the joys ahead.

Any other important words you may wish to say?

Ohh, of course, want first thank the almighty for everything, he gave me the best partner and great friends and family. I had the best supportive committee, I send thanks to them for being there all the way; my matron: Winnie, our best man: Michael, Bride entourage in charge, Carol.

For maids, it’s important that they were happy and jubilated on the day. I thank my beautiful maids for doing just that. Names: Barbara, Carin, Dorris, Priscilla, Noella, Carol, Lydia.

Thank my wonderful family; both families for being supportive they have been there for us; Guests, friends and all the people including service providers who made this date to be among the best days of my life. You totally did great, without you we don’t know how we would have managed.

Your wedding was beautiful, who were your service providers?

Thank you for appreciating.

  • Photography and Videography: MultiWays Photography
  • Deco: Glosh designs and events
  • Food: Kati Kati Restaurant
  • Gown: Exquisite bridal
  • Cake: Petra cakes.
  • Ushers: Annelah Ushers
  • Tailor: Silver and Sassy
  •  Hair: Paul Kaweesi
  • Gown by: Exquisite bridal
  • Music: Endless Entertainment
  • Make up: Beats by Deryk

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I thank my beautiful maids for doing just that. Names: Barbara, Carin, Dorris, Priscilla, Noella, Carol, Lydia

Barbara, Carin, Dorris, Priscilla, Noella, Carol, Lydia

Decor by Glosh Designs and Events

Cake: Petra cakes

Tailored dresses by Silver and Sassy

Hair by Paul Kaweesi

The Boys always have something in stock

Music that made these two love birds swing was by Endless Entertainment book them you will.

Deco by Glosh designs and events


Food time

Deco: Glosh designs and events





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