Fashion and beyond, Sasha’s glamorous birthday dinner in pictures.

Celebrating birthday parties is as old as time itself but making fancy exquisite parties for the cause trend is grabbing Kampala at a wild bush fire speed. Sash did not let this pass, being young and adventurous she settled for an all-white dress cord theme (which is trending and chick) for her guests as she dared a soot black checked see through lace dress. The party was characterized by a calm and laid back atmosphere, totally controversial to the youth like parties of today but it was still upbeat rocking! The boy’s attires were suave while the girls confidently flaunted their ‘flesh’ in fancy outfits.

The decoration was bright, no particular theme but just a cocktail of colors that we loved. The tables were arranged in a gentle classroom curve that clearly drew all the attention of the guests to the front table that hoisted the birthday girl and her best of friends, “I am thankful to God for another year added to my life, and I do not take it for granted” said the bubbly cheeked Sash as she commenced her speech before cutting the cake and treating the guests to a snack diner.

We as the team also thank God for another year added to you. May you live so long to have us cover your golden jubilees (yes we shall still be here *giggles*).

Photo credit: Nelly Salvatore.

The suave gents

Sasha with 'someone special'





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