Must See Flawless Decorations At Solome & Omari’s Wedding

2017 officially marks the return of traditionally elegant weddings. Wedding planners aren’t sleeping. We have already looked at the Solome and Omari's elegant tailored outfits but their wedding decorations were nothing but flawless. I guess it's the advantage you get when you choose your service providers among those listed under Mikolo. 

First things first, the theme! A mixture of white and dusty pink flowers created quite the delight! The couple decided to have an outdoor event a very daring move considering this unpredictable Ugandan weather. From a white mega tent with pointed top edges pitched up was a red carpet with a flower sprinkled walkway leading to the inside. Inside the tent were circular tables dressed with a layer of spotless white table clothes, sited on the tables were silver platters with floral pink napkins and a mini fountain of flowers on each guest table.;

The bride and grooms fortress was totally fancy! The raised and fluffy white seats were topped up by baguettes of flower and silver butterflies. Later on in the night, the whole occasion was illuminated by the red and blue led chandelier deco lights, totally amazing!

Decorations by: SUKI The Out Fit Destination




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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo