Love born in the NTV Newsroom: Viviane discusses their love story with Solomon Serwanjja

NBS TV presenter Solomon Serwanjja is just a little younger than his wife Vivian but the two are nailing the whole marriage thing.

Vivian currently an employee of Ministry of Health says that till today she vividly recalls how she was not ready to fall in love with the “little boy” who was so good to her. He was never serious at all and I was avoiding him getting so close to me because of our work positions,” Viviane recalls. “Since Solomon was a junior reporter and I was senior, it made him be around me most of the time as he wanted to learn more about the job from me.

 Vivian tells us that the “little boy”, became so close to me and the tabloids got wind of our affair and it was the talk of town and this only made them stronger. Vivian recalls that her being older than him then became the most discussed topic in the tabloids, and this only helped them make up our minds pretty fast.

The Love Story

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s exactly what happened between Vivian and Solomon.

”I only realized how much I loved and missed Solomon when he was sent to Egypt for a four months course that by the time he returned I had no control over what I felt for him.” Says Vivian  

 “I think my heart was talking to me and I followed my heart. I have been extremely happy ever since ” she adds.

Baby On TV

When we decided to make our love affair official, our colleagues would always make fun of me whenever Solomon was live on air reporting words like "Viviane, look baby is on TV. Looking back, I am glad they did that, it helped us grow as a couple.

 “Solomon is too friendly it hurts,” says Viviane. “He used to give hugs to all the girls, and crack lots of flirting jokes with them, I hated it,” she adds. But over the years we have sorted that out.

The couple has since been married with two healthy babies now and we wish them much more.



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