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Back in the days, wine was never an issue for middle weddings or weddings that took place at a low level. Majorly some couples never knew the value of having great wines at their weddings. Even having a bottle of wine at one’s wedding would be a miracle. People would struggle and even line up to have a sip. This is now history. Today, Wine is a must on any couple’s menu. Namubiru Tracy the sales executive of Wine Garage that is located in Muyenga advises on various kinds of trendy wines that a couple should never miss on. She goes ahead to advise what kind of wine that can go with the menu.

Wine Has No Time And Should Be Part Of Your Love Story

 Tracy says Wine has no time “You should always choose varietals you and your fiancé enjoy since wine can actually say something about you—even better if it's part of your love story.  But actually, it doesn't matter what time of year it is, just so long as it fits in with your menu. Most people want to drink what they like whenever they want to.  White and red are the most popular ones. Some couples want to remind themselves on how they met. Gentlemen of these days are always found of asking ladies out in the name of taking them for a glass of wine. This continues up to their wedding day. They want to remind them about that day, they probably met and what they drunk and ate”

You’re Menu Vs Wine

Tracy says she has been approached so many times by some couples on what kind of wine or drink they can serve their guests and themselves. She says her advice has worked for couples and they have called her back with praises “Through giving advice I have gained enough experience. To me, every menu has its complimenting wine”


A red or a white that's is lighter is more recommendable for the Chicken dish.


Only read wine complements beef. Heavy red wines go well with beef sauce and other foods


 White Wine goes well with pork. Of course, it is so rare to find pork dishes at some weddings because of mixed people who come to attend. Some are Muslims and some don’t use pork. But one can have a section of pork at his or her wedding and white wine is the most recommendable wine

At Wines Garage, we provide a menu for couples who have come to book with us at no cost. Tracy went on to say that choosing well-balanced, trustworthy wines that can be matched with a variety of dishes will give you one less headache, and your guests will enjoy their meals even more.

Trendy And High Table Wines

Tracy added that no every kind of wine goes on a high table for the couples. Because people who are invited normally look up to the high table and want to throw a word or two “Non-Alcoholic wines are the most recommendable for high tables. With trendy brands, your high table will look fabulous and nice”

Roolberg Wines

Class 5 is the most trending one Roolberg wines class 5 are the most trending ones and non-alcohol. You don’t need to have wine on the high table where newlyweds will take a sip and ended up disorganized in their minds. Roolberg is the best according to Mike who works with capital shoppers in Ntinda and wine expert.

Holy Land Wine

It is holy as its name. It’s advisable to have such kind of wine at the high table. Even when the couple want to have a sip, nothing will worry them- Mike also advises

Wine For The Cake Table

According to Tracy, she advises that sparkling trendy wines are good for the cake table, when the cake cutting time reaches, sparkling wine can also help in celebrations and because they are always strong, couples are advised to have a sip. According to Tracy, below are the trendy and advisable wines for the cake table

Four cousins

Graham Beck

Belaire rare luxe.

  Keep Your Wine In The Right Temperature

There is nothing as bad as sipping almost hot wine. When you let your wine get hit by the sunshine. It will automatically get hot. Keep your wine for your guests at a right temperature no matter what. Tracy says Wine should be served cold Even if you're having your wedding reception on top of a snowy mountain in the dead of winter, serve all of your wine cold—that goes for red too. White and sparkling should be served on ice. Even reds too. Tracy advises more that temperature control is important, noting that red wine should be served at 55 degrees and white wine somewhere in the 40s.

Have A Variety Of Wines At Your Reception

Wines offer pleasant flavors that appeal to a large crowd, one should have a variety of wines. People are always just happy to have a good glass of wine in their hand. So to avoid disappointments have a variety of wines. For example, if one is planning to host 150 people, book wines worth 180 people. If it remains, you can resell it to the service provider or have some for your honeymoon. Tracy concludes





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