Bridal Bliss! Omari & Solome’s Tailored Wedding Outfits Were Just Awesome

One thing we can’t help but accept is that the trends in wedding planning, decorations and dressing are fast changing as a ticking clock. Trust us, as time keeps changing we get to notice that some things keep kicking back though in more sophisticated and polished versions. Gorgeous couple Omari and Solome left us with a lot to write home about their breathtaking tailor made vintage like ensemble.

After changing, the crowd was awed by the couple as they returned to the dancing flow in a jolly mood. The guests couldn’t help it notice the way Omari and his best man’s suits fitted so perfectly, one would think they had them (The suits) sewed onto their bodies. The deep grey with detailed black suede patterns on the collar fold and elbows on the suit Omari wore over his coal-black trousers without words left many envious as it brought out he’s every masculine detail.

Solome, on the other hand, did not disappoint. She stood out with her beautiful body hugging in a gold fishtail dress with long lace sleeves giving her a look close to an ancient Egyptian goddess. Unlike the usual bride jewelry, she kept everything mild owing to the fact that her dress was filed with glitter and adding anything more would’ve made the look ‘congested’(too much).

With the beautiful clothing, the confidence they wore was just a tag one would not argue if told they were a royal couple.

Credit to: SUKI The Out Fit Destination for the tailored outfits




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