We Met In The Studio – NBS T V News Anchor Nabaasa Innocent Talks About Her Love

Nabaasa Innocent is one of the latest best News anchors in Uganda at the moment. Her confidence, intelligence, and presentation is fast gaining attention and people appreciating her for who she is. Innocent began her media journey as a radio presenter of the Muhumuza program on Radio West before she joined NBS Tv. On the sidelines of her busy schedules, Innocent met us and opened up to her relationship.

Innocent is engaged to former actor and Singer Bismark. Bismark used to act in the Hostel series that used to run on NTV as Brother Mathew. Mikolo talked to her and this is what we gathered about her love story.

On meeting Brother Mathew

Innocent takes back us back in time when she used to be a radio presenter on Radio west in Mbarara. She says, one day her producer told her he was hosting an actor in the famous hostel series that used to air on NTV. His name was Bismark aka Brother Mathew. She adds that, after the show, they had a brief conversation. They exchanged numbers. Their communication went on for about 5 months when they agreed to date.

“I don’t know how I fell in love with him”

Innocent shocked us!  she says, “I don’t know how I fell in love with brother Mathew”. “After 5 months of daily texts we found ourselves in each other’s hands, we just found ourselves agreeing on dating” she continues. I first got scared when I found out I loved him. I knew he was a celeb and couldn’t believe he could settle down. Until he made me his best friend. I later gained confidence.

He knows my innermost secrets

Later on, I found myself sharing with him a lot about myself. He knows most of my inner secrets. Actually, he is the only human creature on earth that knows me so well. Not even my parents. He is so humble and trustworthy. I trusted him so much and decided to share with him a lot. He takes his time and I loved that most about him.

Innocent acknowledges that she was a party animal. She used to love hanging out with friends. She used to love drinking. Even when they started dating, she still wanted her life. Brother Mathew sat her down and told her how a wife and mother to be should behave. On how to dress and some life principles. Innocent says she found herself changed. She started cutting herself from friends that used to influence her.

Innocent maintains and advises fellow girls to keep checking in their fiance’s phones. “How else would you know the person you’re living with?” she questions. The only way is to check in his phone. I know it annoys him but he has come to terms to it. He lets me check it. I have never found out anything bad but it makes feel so good and secure. You know some men cannot be trusted.

About their wedding!!

Innocent maintains that she is still waiting even if after 6 years of dating. We have a child together but I am not putting him on the pressure to marry me. We are still waiting until he makes up his mind. But I am sure he will marry me.

When asked about marriage, Innocent advises women out they to always go for divorce in case their husbands turn to be wild. “I don’t encourage women who are domestically abused to stay in those marriages. Let them go and divorce and their lives” she tips.




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