Spice decorators mersmerise guests with new ‘unique’ touch in decoration


 After a hesitant acceptance to attend an introduction ceremony of a friend to a friend, Esther Nantongo, I was not so expectant considering the geographic location.However, I arrived at the venue and Alas! I was taken aback! I couldn’t believe my eyes, the decoration was what a todays teenager would call ‘out of this world’, a total sophisticated enchantment! I couldn’t help but look for the brain behind the magic and I was directed to a one  Esther Kirabo,The C.E.O and founder of the spice decorators and events managers and this was how the conversation rolled out,

So when did you start?

I started deco after I completed my bachelors in industrial fine art in 2000.

Where did you derive the passion to venture into the world of deco?

Since I had done my course in fine art, I already wanted to do something in line with the course I had pursued, so I decided to go into deco, I also like beauty, I like making things beautiful and after am done, I look back and feel proud of my work.

So what challenges have you met so far in your practice?

The challenges are many,she chuckles.

Would you mind telling us the major ones?

Okay, First is getting people to know your business given in mind the competition in this kind of business. Secondly you have to work hard to gain a client’s trust because before the work is started they have to deposit 80% of the pay and trust me winning some peoples trust is not easy.

Also you have to put in so much so you are not out competed, Trends keep changing in this industry, sometimes you find yourself spending so much that you do not even realize any profit.

Other clients are totally poor at payment, they pay at their own pace and this is not good for business.

Lastly, fraudsters, someone takes pictures of your work and they use it to market their own businesses! in the end they are given the job yet ideally it was your pictures!

They are so many, says the ecstatic deco maestro.

A word to your potential clients?

To my potential customers you can rely on me I can never disappoint, we are the only deco company that provides only fresh and beautiful flowers. To all my former clients guess you have seen for yourselves and you can also spread the word.

Which functions do you specialize in?

We do all kinds of events, weddings, introductions (kwanjula), birthday parties generally all kinds of events.

So where can we find you?

We are located at Jjemba plaza Luwum street shop no K104, you can also like our face book page its spice decorators and we shall be very glad to work for you.

Below is some pictures of their art,



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