Why most men loose interest after commiting

Things women do that make men loose interest in relationships

Gone are the days when a woman and man were united in marriage and by default the man became an Alfa male of sorts in the house whose word was final and unquestionable. Today the woman emancipation battles and human rights activism has taken a toll on many relationships, women have forgotten the submission principles and let course play of trends today run their relationships into the gathers. As the mikolo team we do not only want to see you walk down the aisle but also want to see you enjoy and thrive your relationship,

Here are a list of things women should avoid if you want to keep your relationship and make it stand the test of time.

Forcing him to talk about his feelings;

Most women nag men to talk about their feelings, which men at most times do not conquer with, “sometimes we just want to be left alone we just need time to think things thought” says Walter, a psychologist and life coach about the issues. Where women go wrong is trying to squeeze details out of men, talking about it is just not macho! play the ‘cry it all out’ on your sister but for a man the more you try to beat him to submission the more you are creating a gap and sounding more like a broken record in his ears that he can’t wait to discard!

Comparing him to your friend boyfriends or husbands

Nothing kills a man’s ego like comparing him to another man! Men would rather you drill shards of glass through his skin but not compare him to another male. Comparisons about how your friends husband does this and that and how your relationship would work if he did what guy x was doing will only make him feel inadequate and he will look for the nearest escape route into the hands of a Kampala cougher who trust me, have mustered the art of making a man feel deserving and there so you can kiss your Adonis goodbye,

Assuming your boyfriend or husband can read your mind

Ladies however much men like to dominate and feel they got all the world under their shoulders they are not gods, or psychics! They do not read minds and stop assuming! Assumptions are nothing but termites to relationships, if you feel your hubby is losing interest in you and falling out of love with you, he likely has no clue that you are experiencing that. Being sad and acting quiet around him will not help him see what the issue is but would rather make you look like a paranoid freak in a horror movie scene. Do not be hurt if he does not have an insight of what you are going thought. Speak or else your risk lonely nights ahead without you’re boo by your side.

Being the extravagant nutcase!

All you think about is spend, not on your pockets but on your man’s toil! EVERY ONE HATES LIABILITY and looks for a way to get rid of it at the nearest stop! Every man would fancy a woman that is going to make him a better person, add the letter e to his shine, every man wants an asset, being extravagant in efforts of looking funcy even for him, doesn’t pay off ,it will only make him start thinking about you like a Ugandan fifty shilling coin, worthless!

Asking a man’s opinion then later insist on doing it your way

If you want a man’s advice, respect what he has to say, you don’t have to do everything he suggests but if you disregard his opinion my sister you will not want the well-polished rant that will down on you incase anything goes wrong.

Treating men like they have no feelings

Men of course are human and are subject to feeling, when you treat a man like a feeling less porcupine that’s emasculating. Acknowledge his feelings especially if it’s different from how you emote or else you won’t live long enough to celebrate those jubilees.

The three Bs of sex

Sex is just like driving a car everyone can learn the art but some are good at it and others are experts breaking the Bs down to bad sex, boring sex, battle sex(using sex as a manipulation tool)it’s an option to either step up to the A list or face the red card! Or else if he falls in the arms of ruthless Kampala wank queens consider him gone!

Last but not least keep away from his phone! If possible make it your nemesis until he grants you permission to his sacred gadget don’t get caught in the drama of a blocked phone because you tried the password a zillion times and it wasn’t right, no one likes insecure, snoopy psychoses not even us ladies.

Men make a lot of mistakes too and they commit the same as you do too. No one is perfect but remember prevention is better than cure.



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