What you missed at the 77D.O.Gs mass wedding

Time check its 6:00 am but there was already bee hive activity at the Rubaga based miracle center cathedral, were 280 couples were going to be joined in holy matrimony in a mass wedding.

"Finally we are going to leave the lifof sin and going into a holy marriage" ! Exclaimed a one overly excited bride who seemed not to have caught a blink of sleep(just like the others though) because of excitement. Saloon and beauty experts paced around the hall, that was temporarily inhabited by the brides to be, the beauty enthusiasts made sure all the I's were dotted and t's crossed, their work paid off as the brides looked astonishing! By 8 am the brides were already assembled to be matched out, looking at all of them together looked like a picture cut out from a fairy tale story book. The brides were thereafter ushered out by their matrons on to a chariot like auto mobile that shocked the crowds by its capacity to accommodate all the brides. Sited on white little chairs and claired in white gowns, it looked heavenly! The chariot like mobile them rode the brides to the venue.

The venue (church yard) was looking spectacular! It was an ensemble of flat topped shelter like tents whose every detail was in white! In it were round tables with a cake mounted on each. The decoration was really subtle but just fine for such kind of event.

The brides were them ushered into arena were their prince charmings were already settled in, all looking clear cut! However much they looked composed it was clearly evident that they bottled huge bouts of excitement but were only trying to play the "gentle man"card.

No sooner had the brides settled in than the pastor himself the orchestra-tor and host of the event Pastor Robert Kayanja and his wife in hand lady Jessica Kayanja appeared. After a brief sermon the couples were asked to stand, said their vows and were later united in holy matrimony.

The brides in the waiting hall

all set brides

comedian Kapere bounces with his wife

the couples paradded before the taking their vows

The Kayanjas arrive for the occasion

Now you can kiss the bride

the chariote like automobile

the beauty experts at work

the cakes



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