Ultimate unique bridal and baby shower themes

Pompous bridal showers were never a thing. But trust Ugandans to embrace every trend. Now, bridal showers have morphed. They have shade the cultural scales and taken on a hip element; an exquisite cloak, so to say. And because they represent sophistry, many have joined the band wagon. Because indeed, a good baby shower really prepares one for motherhood. And everyone needs a good one. The team of experts at Mikolo don’t want you to grapple with themes, a reason we compiled a number of  Bridal Shower themes to consider when organizing one.

Color themes

What is a modern bridal shower without glitz? What is a bridal shower, if it is not cloaked in elegance? You guessed right; whack! The selection of colors will always set pace. A bridal shower is not a birthday party.  So you need to be careful what colors you choose. Because colors, like clothes, represent a lot of things. And because it is a bridal shower, choose colors that exude purity and prosperity. And while at it, be subtle. Don’t turn your bridal shower into a kid’s Christmas party by using so many colors. Choose a minimum of 3 in the décor, and maintain a single color for the dress code. If anything, the highlight of the bridal shower is usually in the dress code. All-white, denim, all-black, are among a horde of color themes to choose from.

Floral Theme

You can give your bridal shower a floral theme. Wherein; everything about the party is in floral form. Guests should be asked to show up in floral outfits. The women can take that stance a notch higher, by embellishing their outfits with flowers in their hair. While men (if any, because we hear there is a type of shameless men who end up at such functions because they don’t reason, look or act like men, and because, of course, they are your girlfriend’s girlfriend) should be given floral necklaces/sashes (or whatever floats your boat.) The décor too, should be dominated by flowers. Even the birthday cake should be given floral patterns to complete the ensemble.

Fancy tea parties

There is also the easier option of choosing a fancy restaurant with good tea. You could choose to just meet there and reminisce about the good times and talk about the ones that await the bride-to-be. This is for the ones who don’t subscribe to sophistry.

A Tropical ensemble

Ideally, a tropical bridal shower would be a getaway like in the Mabira forest. The Eco Lodge nestled deep in the Mabira forest, or any such hotel or lodging would do the job. But you don’t want to tire the bride because what is the essence if she is fatigued. So bringing the Mabira Forest to her back yard, or any other space of choice, becomes ideal. Decorators should pull off an ensemble where the décor has a jungle-esque appeal and the drinks are served in gourds.

Pool Party

Instead of the cliché’s of clothing, you could choose to do a bikini-themed pool party for the bridal shower. A setting where the bride and her girls show up in bikinis and just chill by the pool side, sipping on mojitos as they have that marriage preparatory talk; for the whole day. This usually helps if a handsome masseuse with strong hands is thrown in.


There is always the easier option of cooking food and driving off to an orchard with no disturbance and having a blast there.


There is nothing as exquisite as a party with a vintage theme. From the dress code to the cutlery and utensils used for serving food or cake. Even the décor should scream old times. Throw in a photoshoot and you have capture the best moment of your life.


Girls are into photos. So you could choose to just go for a photoshoot with your girls.





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