Shanie introduces Gerald in a simple but classy affair.

Amidst a cloudy cool afternoon, Gerald and his majestic groom's team went to collect his long lost rib Shanie from her father's courtyard in a traditional ceremony locally dubbed kwanjula. Disapproving the overly hyped kind of kwanjula stereotypes today, Gerald and Shanies affair was simple but classy. Two tents were erected to fit the bride's people on one side and the groom's on the other, the firmly pitched white tents that stood tall were decorated with smooth cream silk cloth whose glow was elevated by the disco; lights that lite up the ensemble as the day grew older.

Gerald on arrival was downing a black blazer on top of a handcrafted kanzu that he later changed for a zebra stripped cultural black and white sash after he was handed his better half. Cutting out the usual greetings cliché, Shanie and her bridal team were presented before Gerald with masked faces and Gerald was tasked with revealing who his woman was. After taking a right guess they were applauded and after ushered into the dining room for a sumptuous dinner.

After the feast, Shanie changed into a cream and shuttle gold studded attire that firmly held and flaunted her full African bosom at the top and a flawless lace material from the waist downward. To add to the look was a light cream and red sash loosely wrapped around her oven brown shoulders, this little detail brought out the western Uganda tradition feel. Accessorized with gold handcrafted beads on her forehead and neck, she totally could pass for the notion of an African queen.

All Kodak moments were captured by Storyline Pictures.


the brides with masked faces

the engagement

beautiful Shanie in handcrafted bead accesories

Shes now mine Gerald assures the crowd

Shanie and sister looking like royality

Take care of our sister,Sherlie and brothers

lets go my 'Juliet'





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