Ugandan Women React To The Idea Of A Man Proposing Without Kneeling

For long I have heard young men debated about the idea of proposing to a woman while kneeling versus those that feel it’s okay to do so without one having to bend their knee.

First and foremost, it takes a lot of nerve, guts, a clear made up mind that she is the one without a single feeling of a doubt before any man chooses to ask for a woman’s hand marriage. It’s such a big because you’re choosing a person you wanna spend the rest of your life with and like the vows normally put it—“in good or bad until death do us apart”.

The seemingly unwritten natural norm is that a man should bend on his knee when proposing to their woman. But isn’t that just somebody’s opinion or invention that many chose to follow. So we posed a question to the ladies on our Facebook page on whether they would say “Yes” if their partner proposed without kneeling. Is it a must? Although the question was posed to the ladies only, it became such a hot topic that even guys felt the need to join in and share their opinion.

“I would say no coz that's the most unromantic way to propose while standing. Kneeling is sweet, classy, sexy and romantic,” reveals Jackline Debrah before adding that; “kneeling is a very big sign of love……….most especially when proposing.”

For Fiona Racheal N, “he has to kneel” while Shammy Bint Rasheed Kisa wonders whether kneeling is a sign of affection. “Is kneeling a sign of love?” she asks. But Betty Musa answers Shammy’s question when she says; “kneeling a sign of love on a guy’s side.”

However, Lydia Akugizibwe who goes by Lystra Lydia on Facebook says she would say yes without hesitation.

“Duh!!! I would,” Lydia said when contacted off Facebook. “Only that we took it for cram work because some white guy proposed on his knees. But really, come on, it’s a proposal and I love the guy which matters most. So Yes, I would,” she added.

Lydia further explains that kneeling while proposing doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage but for as long as the two love each other, it’s all that matters.

 “The kneeling while proposing doesn’t guarantee ‘Happily ever after’, neither does it guarantee happy marriage with no cheating, beatings as well as disrespect,” she remarked. 

Esther Chloe Joy and Betyna Gire, who were also contacted off Facebook, seem to subscribe to a similar school of thought like Lydia. “Yes, I would,” Esther said when posed with our burning question.

“Yes, I would. Kneeling doesn’t mean anything. What matters is that he is proposing. So I would say yes,” Betty said.

“As long as I love him, I would say yes even if he proposed without a ring or forgot it somewhere. So kneeling isn’t such a big deal,” says Josephine Nakate.



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