Shakira & Farid: A Kwanjula with Moslem Norms

The trend of Hotels acting as homes for Introduction ceremonien seems to be taking center stage for whatever reason but tradition is so in for your real family home. Many then ask, what if we rent or we have no space to accomodate the guest? Well, your uncles, anties or grandies then should become the next option.

Well that aside, this is about the beautiful Shakira and Farid's Introduction. This isn't a recent event as it happened late last year at Igongo Country Hotel in Mbarara. What we find exquisite about this iven is Shakira's choice of attire and the amazing decor at the venue.

Despite the trendy insights in the function, still Shakira and Farid kept the moslem touch to the event and dresses in accordance. Here are photos from the event.

Shakira & Farid




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