” I Share A Special Friendship With My Mother In Law “, Says Becky

Last Friday, Asiimire Rebecca introduced Ronnie Lagada to her Parents in Rwampala Mbarara. It was a unique ceremony graced by the elites of Mbarara. Ronnie had paid 20 cows previously as dowry. Ronnie hails from Gulu came with an entourage of 120 people to have a feel of Mbarara. They will never forget the time they spent there as they wished to be there for a good time.

The meeting..

Becky met Ronnie while still at campus. Ronnie had finished his studies but had to bench her as she was in her second year. They started moving out together until Ronnie saw the beauty he wanted in his woman. He took Becky to her mum and their love story started.

Moving in

Becky says, that she couldn’t wait to formalise things. They immediately moved in together. Becky lied to her parents that she had gotten an apartment in Naguru where she would be renting with her friends. Later it was found out that she was already staying with Ronnie.

The love

Becky describes Ronnie as one who knows her well. He is too kind and so composed. He cares and most importantly very calm. He never rushes to make decisions. He is a true definition of a gentleman.

The introduction

On 15th April, Becky officially introduced her man to her parents. It was a very decent ceremony. She hosted them at her parents home in Mbarara Rwampara. People from Gulu came in large numbers to pick their wife.

"I share a special friendship with my mother in law", said Becky

To our surprise, Becky is a lucky woman. Her mother in law is the best person to have happened to her. They share a special friendship. She confides in her and as she prepares the wedding ceremony, her mother in law is the one spear heading all.

Becky and Ronnie, we wish you the best.

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