How To Choose The Best Venue For Your Wedding Photos

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, there are many factors that come into play. You’ve probably wracked your brain over affordability, accessibility, parking and security but there’s one factor you may not have thought a lot about, and that’s how well your venue will work in photos.

It might not seem like a big deal to think about, but if you’ve looked through a number of bridal magazines, you’ve probably realized how a beautiful venue can create gorgeous wedding photos. If you choose a professional photographer from Mikolo, they will know what to look for and how to use what’s around to get the best shots. However, you can also help your photographer to get those magazine-beautiful shots by choosing a venue that has character and reflects your style. Just pay attention to detail and here are a few things to think about when looking for the perfect wedding venue.

Express Yourself

When choosing a wedding venue, think about the mood and style you want to express. Not only will it be a reflection of your personalities, but both the style and mood will show through the photos. Is your heart set on an indoor chic wedding or do you dream about an intimate lakeside/beach event? Or you’re into an open rooftop ceremony? Talk with your fiancé about the styles each of you likes and the mood you want to convey when that day comes. If you have different tastes for style, try to find something that suits you both. Try to find a balance.

When you’re looking at different options, keep your vision in mind. Notice the look and feel of the venue. Does it compliment your style? You probably wouldn’t want to have your reception at some Green-Gardens or inside a fancy hall or hotel if you’re digging the modern vibe.

Think of the wedding venue as a blank canvas. It’s the backdrop for your entire wedding, so you’ll want to choose a place that is flexible and allows you to make it your own.

Size Matters

Before choosing a venue, have a rough idea of your guest list size. This will help you determine the size venue that can accommodate those guests. Envision the place after it been set up and well decorated. How will chairs be positioned? Consider places that have enough space to allow mobility for the photographer to get different angled shots.

A small place may, in the end, appear tightly squeezed or congested hence will limit the photographer’s mobility, denying them an opportunity to take certain shots. The shape of the reception space may also matter. Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few options, try and ask your photographer about their opinion on such. Photographers are often conversant with most venues so they may give you some much-needed advice. Or better, if you have chosen one already, have your photographer accompany you to the place. He or she will be able to spot the best areas for photographs and give you an idea of what kinds of photos he/she will capture.

Perfect Timing

You probably already know when you’re getting married (the date for your wedding) and perhaps what season that will be. It’s important to keep that in mind when checking out potential venues for your ceremony. Therefore, it key that you ask the vendor what it’s like during your preferred time of year. Although it’s a bit hard to figure out these days given the changing season rotations, you can always predict how that time is likely to be.

You’ll want to know how things look like at particular venue in case it rains, especially if your wedding will be held outside. On the other hand, if your desire venue is indoor, I’m you be eager to know how hot the room can be on a very shiny day.

Takeaway: dig into the details now and consider all the possibilities when you’re choosing a venue. It may be a lot to think about, especially bearing it in mind that you have so many other wedding planning details to ponder about, but if you go the extra mile you’ll have a picture-perfect wedding you can gush over for years to come.

If you feel a bit stuck on certain details of choice, you can always contact Mikolo for some help or guidance.

Photo credit: Oscar Ntege Photography 



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