Christian & Becky: A marriage Born out of Bwera-Ntare Friendship

Ntale school has a norm that boys in candidate classes send a list of their names to the girls’ schools in order to get in touch with the girls with matching numbers. Christian and Becky's numbers matched and the exchange of love letters set in motion a relationship that led to their wedding last year.
Chistian couldn't hide his feelings whe we asked about the aisle walk "I felt like a real man when he walked down the aisle with Becky". See, Becky is a really special person, kind, reliable, hardworking, beautiful and most of all God fearing he adds.

As teenagers, i made a promise to Becky that one day i would walk her down the aisle, and i am happy i fulfilled it. Now we have new plans to live up to and am sure with her by myside we shall achieve so much.

We are a very prayerful family and thats what has kept us going even through the hardtimes, this works and will help many others, pray together and be true to your partners.



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