Mavis & Marvin – A Love Tale that Begun in Childhood

From the outskirts of the capital Kampala, lived two youngsters who had no idea that they would one day take vows committing their lives to one another. This looks a fictional story and yet today we celebrate the launch of Marvin and Marvis' wedding. As kids, they tramped the dusty streets of the city together, to and from school – even held hands in guidance to cross the busy roads during rush hours while attending Nakasero Primary School. 

But, little did they know that a decade and a half later, their hearts would be beating right next to each other. 

“We went to the same primary school, that is Nakasero primary school and we used to walk home together, me, my siblings and his siblings,” an enthusiastic Mavis vividly narrates their love story. 

From going the same school together — to attending the same church (Rubaga Miracle Centre) and later on tripping the light fantastic in the same teen group. Perhaps the chemistry was there but they were both too juvenile and naive to see it—or were afraid to act on it. 

“We were both going to the same church and we both danced in some teens group at church, we both come from humble and God fearing families. After primary we both went different schools but still went to the same church,” Mavis adds. 

From humble backgrounds and strong religious families, it's understandable that their Dos & Don'ts would guide this couple to the alter. 

“However the year was 2010 when he came along with one of our friend whom my brother had invited for he’s grad party and Marvin came along, so since then the rest is history.”

The couple who recently had their kukyala and are now planning their subsequent events (introduction and wedding) officially started dating in April 2011.

Mavis & Marvin Pose for their wedding Launch Photos. Credit Devine Photography

Mavis Ndagire - Bride-to-be

Mavis and Marvin



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